Dream League Soccer Save Game Data/Profile.dat (Special Team)

Dream League Soccer Save Game Data(All player Max)

This is a new method of making the Dream Team.

You can do it on your Non-rooted Android device.

Facilities  :

1.All Player Maxed to 100

2.Unlimited Coin

3.Works in Any version of Dream League

5.After this method, you can update your game any time from the play store.
Installing  Process:

Step 1:
Install Dream League Soccer & Open The game. After Opening Exit the game. Remove the game from the Recent tab.

Step 2:
Go to Your phone's File Manager.
Open this folder→


Delete every file here.

Note: This folder can be located in your Phone Storage or in the External Sd card. It is located in Phone Storage in Samsung Device & In other Devices, it is located in Sd Card. If you do not find this folder in the Sd card, you will find it in the device storage.

Step 3:
Download one saves game Data. (Download link is given below). 

Step 4:
paste the downloaded file in


Congratulations, You are done. Now open the game.

I do not work follow this:

One & only error can happen while selecting Storage. If you Paste the file in Device storage and it does not work, then paste it into Sd card, then it will work.

Save Game Data Download Link:


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